Branding…Are You Paying Attention to Your Branding & Marketing? Part Five

Planning for BIG in your business is not just about getting your vision in-line, your logo set, and your visibility out there it also has to do with getting rid of bad habits! Most of us know all about the clients we take on that are our friends, or referrals that came to us from special connections and we feel obligated to do our services at a lower price that what we advertise…no to mention what big businesses are doing in their marketing of products and services: businesses have set it up as a whole by inflating prices just to in turn offer a discounted price (which really is the actual price they wanted in the first place) and we the consumer feel like we are getting a deal.. wrong! And by doing this everyone now expects to get a “deal” on the posted price – scary! Stay consistent with your pricing and do not under-value your services or products!

Discontinue to Service the “Break Even” Customers: While you are out there increasing your sales or client intake with these types of clients/customers you are NOT increasing your profits. You need to stop marketing to unprofitable clients/customers and you will have more time and resources for clients/customers that actually grow your business. Pay attention and keep strong about the value you offer you will attract those that truly respect and appreciate you and your services!

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