Working with a Productivity Consultant or a Virtual Assistant can help you go from getting “some” done to getting it “all” done! We have put together three of our most popular packages that should assist in making your work days a little easier and a lot more productive!

Blog Package monthly retainer…

  • We will format, find & insert graphic and schedule 8 blog posts you submit to us (2 scheduled per week)
  • We will update all Social Media accounts about new post
  • We will pull several “facts” or “comments” from your post and schedule to tweet out for maximum Twitter exposure over the month
  • We will link your blog site to your Facebook account & Newsletter blast account (if system allows that)

(If you need someone to write your blog posts for you we will write them for $17 each)

Contact us for this package – HERE

Productivity Package Consultation…

  • 90 min Start Off consultation (with you, your assistant team or a combination of the two)
  • Review of Systems in place currently
  • Written report of suggested systems changes and/or suggested systems to use
  • Productivity Flow Chart (showing after each step where to go next, great to use for yourself or with an assistant team so that everyone knows the next step)
  • Written schedule of work flow
  • Written reminders of personal time!

Contact us for this package – HERE

WordPress Site Package…

  • We will set up a “premium theme” of your choice from our library of themes (additional cost if you chose a paid theme elsewhere)
  • Customize color scheme
  • Customize placement of sidebars and page set ups as theme will allow (no special coding)
  • Set up your simple custom banner (if you have a logo design already, if not we can discuss options with theme choice)
  • Set up recommended plug ins and widgets for optimum use of your blog site
  • Create 4 “starter” pages – Home, About, Blog, Contact (this will be a form connected to go directly to your email when filled out)
  • We will add videos if you have them already made
  • 90 min Tutor time to go over the back area of your site and how to use it
  • PDF instructions of how to use your blog site

Contact us for this package – HERE



**If you need hosting we recommend, they are awesome to work with, fuse with WordPress easily and you’ll have unlimited email addresses for your domain, unlimited pages and unlimited websites you can create – runs abut $70 per year a great price)


**If you need to buy a domain you can do so thorough Host Monster about $10 per domain or we recommend GoDaddy they are more cost effective for domain names)


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