Virtual Assistants take on the non-core tasks that busy entrepreneurs are finding themselves bogged down in.  A Virtual Assistant can free up time for that busy entrepreneur allowing him or her to build their clientele.  What would other areas would you be able to focus on in your business, as a business owner, if you had help with emails, customer service, scheduling and confirming appointments, invoicing and payment reconciling or any other administrative task that slows you down and takes up your time?

Who Uses Virtual Assistants?

Associations, Foundations & Organizations


Business Consultants, Writers, Sales Reps

Coaches—Business & Life

Contractors—Plumber, Electricians, etc.


Entertainment Industry—Producers, Actors, etc.

Event Planners

Home-Based Business Owners

Import/Export Consultants

Marketing Companies

Non-Profit Organizations

Religious Organizations

Retail Shops/Stores

Specialists—Accountants, Attorneys, Architects, etc.

Travel Agencies

Just to name a few!