Appointment Scheduling, confirming and follow-up are several ways a VA can help a business owner maintain their calendar.  How many appointments have you double booked, missed or had down on the wrong day?  Hiring a VA to coordinate your calendar and make sure you are on task is a great way to alleviate some of the stress.  You can direct your clients, costumers or business associates to contact your VA, either by email or phone, and set up appointments there. Or you can contact your assistant to follow up with people and schedule appointments.  There are several software products out there today VA’s work with that will “share” a calendar so you both have access like Google calendar and Outlook just to name a few.  Step back from the center workings of your business and look around, is this an area that  can be handed off and help “distress” your life?  It is not as hard to delegate tasks as you think….