• LinkedIn  for Social Networking

There are several ways to network.  You can network in person and you can network “virtually” through venues set-up for Social Networking.  One of these Social Networks is called LinkedIn.  Linked in was started May 2003. It is a “corporate” setting and structure compared to other venues.  It is noted that 7.8 million people have used LinkedIn since its start and the daily growth is 6,980 new members.   You might have been asked to join it already.. have you?  Do you log in and use it?  Do you know how to?  LinkedIn is a site where people sign-up (register) and you import your entire database of contacts.  At this point anyone you invite or accept into your circle can see your database as well as you can see theirs.  And so on as the tree grows bigger.  This allows you to see who your “friend” knows and gives you the chance to ask for a warm introduction to that person – you connect with them and there you have it, you are now socially networking through LinkedIn.  LinkedIn has its own emailing area so you can communicate as well as make announcements about upcoming events to your contacts and all of the contacts you are linked to.  The key is to build relationships just as you would in face to face traditional networking.  Take advantage of this free way to network especially if your business can travel outside of your local area.

  • Plaxo for Social Networking

In addition to your traditional, check out all that is available to you… we are working on a series of information about Social Networking.  Last week we talked about LinkedIn and today Plaxo.  Plaxo was started in November 2002.  It offered members an easy way to keep their contacts up to date.  It also is integrated into your outlook or outlook express. This allows for an easier way to keep up with changes in contact information with family, friends, clients, vendor and suppliers.  Plaxo also offers a paid service where you can connect to your information via your mobile phone!  Plaxo is used all over the world and manages over a billion contacts collectively.  Plaxo’s focus is keeping your records up to date at all times with the members of your database.  It has a different view of your contacts and that is, they are YOUR contacts and they are in a sense private.  You do not share contacts with other Plaxo members unless you share a contact directly.  The company put out a notice in Aug. 2007 stating they are looking into the social network value but at this point they did not have anything in the works.  Plaxo is a great way to keep your ever changing, ever updating outlook file clean and current but is not considered a great way to socially network.