Wealth and Abundance Today!

Being entrepreneurs, Jodie and I love all of the entrepreneur adventures out there like: Home Based Businesses, Small Businesses, Affiliate Marketing, Direct Sales and the Network Marketing structure.  The fact we can own our own business, be our own bosses, and be in control of our destinies excites us beyond limits!  We have stayed with some programs and left some.  Being our own bosses allows us the freedom to try different companies and models and find the ones that fit with us.

We believe everyone deserves “Wealth and Abundance Today” ~ Wealth to us means having the amount of money you consider to be “wealthy”, to some it is a mass amount of money and to others it is an additional $100 a month.  Abundance to us is in all other areas of your life, an abundance of time, an abundance peace, and an abundance in friends.  We ALL DESERVE IT TODAY!

We started Wealth and Abundance Today to share what we have learned over the years.  We have met some GREAT, SUCCESSFUL, AND DYNAMIC leaders in all industries and plan to share their stories with you.  We will be sharing tips, tricks and tools that have been shared with us to build our businesses strong and successful!

We are dedicated to helping you be strong and successful any way we can!  All business models are TEAM businesses – even though you are your own boss your team helps make you successful, and we want to be part of your team!

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To Your Wealth and Abundance!