I love this quote:

It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you’re not.  ~Author Unknown

Believing is the key to all areas of your success… when starting a new business you have to believe in the company you have selected to join, believe in the products you represent, believe your business and most of all… BELIEVE IN YOU!

In every area of our lives we are faced with negative comments – in our homes, driving our cars, in our “jobs”, watching TV, listening to the radio and even within our own families.  Some of these comments will come out of “entertainment”, some come out of “bad days”, some come out of “frustration”, and some come out of “trying to put someone down”.  OK everyone can make a mistake but Negative Comments IS NOT the way to handle things and have a lasting impression on those who receive the negative comment.  Are you someone who has been shaped by comments said to and about you?

[blur]Now tell me, are you a GOOD person or the BAD person those comments make you out to be?  a GOOD one of course! I take that back you are a GREAT one!  How do I know that?  Because you have chosen to take on a business that not only will help you earn a substantial income but is focused on you helping those on your team become successful!  Who can be a bad person that is willing and ready to help others become financially secure?

You have to believe in YOU no matter who does or does not.  Once you release the belief you can, you will, you have the opportunity, and you ARE – nothing can stop you.  Even the nay-sayers!  Let those negative people around you wallow in their own “yuck” world.  Let those “Haters be your Motivators”!

Believe in yourself  and free yourself from the chains holding you back!  Know that in normal business growth there are sways in the growth – it is NORMAL!  Continue in your path of positive movement forward.  If you free yourself from the doubts planted – you will be able to move faster in the right direction – straight to success![/blur]

I look forward to hearing your successes and happy “happenings” in your business growth – please leave a comment about something great that has happened to you!