A common theme of mine is PRODUCTIVITY! When you set out to work on your blog you should start with a plan! Are you sharing a message? Are you trying to train people on a subject or on a product? Are you trying to sell something? Once you have a “plan” of what you want to do, you can create a theme or several themes to keep a focus. Blogging has become an important method to bring attention to people, services they are marketing and businesses but some people find it hard to stay consistent. People are finding it just another “thing I have to do” & feel it takes too much time. Here is a Productivity tip – never sit down to write one blog! Create a plan for your blog that month. Pick a theme and go for it! Blogs are typically 200 – 300 words and when writing on a topic that is a passion or in your field of expertise this should only take about 30 mins per post at most – make the best of your time and write 8 posts – once you’re on a roll writing you should be able to complete these in 2 hours or less! Start the with the first post being an explanation of your “theme” and maybe some bullet points – the following posts can be expansions of your bullet points or additional key “tips”, “hints” or “guidance” based on your theme.

Set your posts to be scheduled to get posted throughout the month – this should take you about 30 mins! With your Blog Plan in place, in about 3 hours once a month you will have bi-weekly activity on your blog site. (Just another hint – you should keep a google doc or excel sheet with your blog post themes and post ideas noted on it – as ideas come to you note them down and walla – you will always have a topic)