Marketing is every businesses challenge… how about trying to be a “Marketing Pal” with a complimentary company/product/service provider.

By combining your marketing efforts AND cross promoting to both databases will increase your (and their) visibility. By combining your marketing efforts you will also share the costs! Connect with a company/product producer/service provider that is not your competitor but has something that will compliment what you have to offer…. When each company shares the same message you all are exposed over and over again!!

Marketing plans can be one or even better several ways of reaching out to the community – print ads, flyers, direct mailers, greeting cards, post cards and so on…

Some examples might be – A Promotional Products Company connecting with a sign/banner company, maybe a florist connecting with different “facilities” or of course event planners. How about a clothing store connecting with a salon offering a whole new look! Reach out and experiment – see what works for you both. Be sure to get a solid strategy that works for both of you, put the plan and agreement in writing but most important DO IT.