Do you belong to networking groups? How about the chamber in your area? Have you ever offered to host an event or meeting at your place of business? How about have the chamber host a “grand opening” for your location if you have not done that before…? Suggest that your networking group have a holiday “go around” and one night you can start at one place of business and show where you work, how you work and what you are looking for… (depending on how large your group is you might have to spread it out over two nights)

By hosting a get together at your location it allows others to get to know your business a bit more “intimately”. You can supply a small amount of refreshments and tasty bites to share. You are the “host with the most” and are highlighted – take advantage of this opportunity. If you work from home – what better chance to share that as well – again it opens you up to your group in a deeper level.