Have you noticed that if you drive through McDonalds lately the voice on the other end of the speaker/microphone welcomes you then asks if you would like to try there “New Menu Item” and they say it by name? Have you noticed when you call certain restaurant delivery businesses they will suggest a menu item before you begin to order? Or even going to the store they are asking if you would like stamps before you check out?

Well they are not doing it for YOUR benefit – they are making sure they “plant the seed” and possibly up-sale you and get you to purchase more than you set out to buy! Now you can do this and not be obnoxious – when you answer your company line you can try something like “Hello (company name) this is (your name) ask me about our (holiday discount?), how may I help you?

You can create some promotional items with your company name on them and the statement “Ask me about our ???” You can even do some shirts that promote this way as well – having a strong “Ask Me” statement does entice people to ASK – attention, awareness, and visibility is an awesome marketing plan and all of these suggestions can be done pretty inexpensively….

Step Up Speak Up Create a Buzz!