I wanted to discuss the BIG DEBATE going on at some “open” networking events. Your Picture on your business card – should it be there? Yes or No? I have run into people that support both sides of this argument. I have to say YES in my opinion… In this world of networking, facebooking, twittering and so on we rely on visual reminders – if all I have is a name I run the risk of not recognizing someone I have done business with, chatted with or just met before. I changed my business cards mainly for that reason. I know my logo has become very visible and when people learn what company I am with they go “oh you are the one with that great card” but they did not connect the two right off the top. I want it to be easy to recognize me while I am out in the community or re-visiting different chambers and meetings – adding my picture will help in this.

So that is where I stand on the debate! Check out your business cards you are bringing to events and look at all of your “marketing” materials together – do they the information they should: Biz Name, Your Name, Address, Phone Number, Fax, email address, website address, tag line and your pic? Do they tell everyone exactly who you are and give them something to remember you by?
Personal touches are so important – remember we are building “relationships” with our clients!