In this Google series my goal is to make you more aware of tools out there you can use for free to help your visibility. Google is the King of the Internet for sure! Now you might ask why and how can Google offer all of these tools for free, even a phone number, well trust me it is not just out of the kindness of its “heart”. Google is an advertising monster! That is what it is! So by the more of us that list on it – they have more content to offer people when searching for things.

Google History: Google began in 1996 as a research project by two Stanford students. They were exploring the mathematical properties of the World Wide Web – and the web-crawler made its debut. They then created the page rank algorithm that we all strive to be at the top of even today!! Talk about a home-based business – they registered the domain in 1997 and was working out of a friends garage into 1998. Fun Fact: Google is actually from a misspelling of “googol” – which is represented by 1 and one hundred zeros following it. In 1999 the company moved into offices in Palo Alto and called their complex “googleplex” a play on the word “googolplex” which is represented by a 1 followed by googol of zeros. In 2006 bought their property for $319 million dollars! What a growth! Also in 2006 Google was added to the Merriam Webster & Oxford English dictionaries.

Check back for more on Google Tools offered to us all!