So following up from last week, I hope you have your “first impression” down on paper.. does it fall in line with what you want your message and business to be all about? If not I will give you some information on branding and marketing I have found to be useful tips in hopes to help you get where you want to be ~ if it was right on the money, maybe some of these tips will add to your process you have out there already..

• Keep your Branding Strong! Define what your message is, what is it people will get from your product of services. Something like Coca Cola, it is built around fun, youthful times and carefree days.. Campbell’s Soup is built around comfort and health. It is clear by the slogan and their promotions what they are branding. Work on your slogan – come up with a few today. Post them on your wall, bathroom mirror or in your car where you can revisit them until one sticks out. Share with someone you trust and get their opinion.. see where this guides you.

There are Virtual Assistants that work with marketing and branding as their primary field of assistance, if you are interested in meeting a VA in the niche please feel free to contact me and I am happy to make some connections.