I am HUGE on calendaring things! I currently use Google Calendar. It is Free. It has collaboration qualities. It will sync with Outlook (if I needed it to). It will sync with Blackberry and an iPhone well there’s an app for that! The Google Calendar allows me to create several different calendars on one account – I can share just one of the several or I can share all of them with an assistant or business partner or my husband. The calendars are color coded – one color is Clients, once color is Personal, one color is Meetings and so on (I have 6 total) this allows me at a glance to see where my time is spent in addition to see all of my commitments and make sure there is no overlapping! WONDERFUL! There is a task list you can have right on the side, you can have multiple time zones accounted for in your view and even a world clock! The calendar is VERY easy to use and I mean EASY! It will even email you a daily agenda every morning if you would like! I love FREE tools and especially ones that work! If you have any questions on how to set a calendar up, what is the best way to organize them or even more about how to use them – feel free to contact us using the “contact” page.