Communication, The Way To Reach Your Clients

Communication Marketing

Having a large list of clients/customers/prospects you regularly communicate is a VALUABLE ASSET you’re your company and its revenue. It is a well known saying “The Money is in The List”. One of the first things you need to put into place, if you do not have it already, is a program for collecting names, email addresses, mailing addresses, and phone numbers to every customer/client/prospect you have come across over the years along with new ones.
Setting up a program to do this can be a combination of several things, here are a few:

    1. You should have a website – Create a section to host the registration box. Give them a reason to register here something like you are going to “Solve Their Problems” or “Answer All Of Their Questions”. This code will come from your newsletter platform you use. See on the tools page for some suggestions of wonderful platforms to use.
    2. Another GREAT way to increase your sign-ups is to You should have a Facebook Fan Page for your business – you have the opportunity to use an application called FBML static page – you will set this up and use the same code you used on your website.
    3. Write a blog post, article, flyer or direct mailer explaining the benefits to joining your newsletter list! Include an incentive or an offer as a “reward” for joining. Offer a “Free Report” (visit and see I have the free report offer) Offer a discount or a birthday club – a lot of large restaurants are successfully using this method – Red Robin, Denny’s, Chi-Chi’s and so many others!
    4. The most important way is to ASK!!!

Building a strong and sizeable database will help the strength of your marketing efforts More next week…
Don’t forget productivity is the way to propel you forward professionally and personally… Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!