Finish It Friday, Yipppeeee it is here!  Your list of projects & tasks for the week should be a lot shorter today – how did you do?  Remember you do not start any new projects today – Finish It Friday is for wrap up on what was started this week – finish early and you have the rest of the day off!  Well deserved I am sure….  Let’s see how you did…



Are You Organized?

Organized, Scheduling & Tasks

Were you able to start your Tickler File this week to organize your tasks?  Did you get your scheduling down noted in one place to be organized?  How about those projects & tasks, do you have them organized and the details with information written down along with a “plan of action”?  For those of you that have moved forward in getting organized with creating a process for productivity – CONGRATS and a huge applause to you – those of you who have not yet done so, know working in an organized manner with a structure and a plan really will help you take back control.  Changing systems or even just starting one is a scary thing to do but the rewards are worth it in the end!  Like I said before follow Nike’s advise and “Just Do It”!  What can it hurt?  Whether you have started the organized system or not if you have any questions, we are here for you…. just send it in we are happy to help you.

What, You Are Not An Organized Type of Person?

You like to do things by the seat of your pants…  You don’t like to have a strict structure… Being organized is too much like a noose around your neck…. You went into business for yourself so you did not have a boss or something telling you what to do and when…  Do any of these statements ring true to you?  Get Over It!  All big business owners we look to as mentors all have structure and are organized – now that they are so big it is someone else doing it for them and all they have to do is show up but structure and being organized started with them.  They were focused, determined and I guarantee you they were organized in how they spent their time!  If it was not some project, task or meeting that furthered their business it did not fit in!  Being organized for them meant planning, sacrificing, and hard work.  Working organized worked for them, why not you?  Bite the bullet – try it – but you have to give it some time at least 6 months if not more, get organized and work with a productivity plan, bet you see things change!

Can you be organized with a team?

Absolutely, you can be organized with a team on board – you just have to have the system in place and all use it at the same time.  Create a work flow chart, everyone one on the team gets it. This will help them be organized when asking questions because they will know who to ask!  The team can help you stay organized too.  Each person has a responsibility – they only have to stay organized on that one task but you have delegated it so it takes it from your plate in turn helping to keep you organized,  BE sure to schedule regular team meetings for check in to stay on top of it all, this will help with being organized as well because you don’t wonder if something is getting done. The key is being organized starts at the top then will filter to your team.

Free Time, What Is That?

A lot of us do not know the concept of “free time” – it took me my entire adult working life to figure it out – so let me help you!  Free time is that stuff we have none of being business owners. It does not matter if you are a Network Marketer, Home Based Business or a Small Business with a brick and mortar location… it is HARD WORK and consumes all of our time.  Even when you take time off to be with family, a spouse or even a friend for an important event we are still thinking about work…

Being organized is your best tool to work you towards free time!

Take some time off from focusing on projects & tasks and get your system set up ANY system.  I recommend the Tickler File, (you can read more about it here) – it is basic, simple, stream-lined, and mobile.  Whatever system you come up with, the most important is you come up with one.  To take your time back you need to invest in time in getting organized in planning a smooth functioning process.