Organized & Project completion is our focus today!

(this post will be a little off from how it will normally be structured so that we can explain the flow of the Weekly Productivity Plan and how you saw it in action this week)

Finish It Friday is a great day – not only is it the end of the week but it is the day we have been working for.  Today is a day NOT to start any new projects but to get organized and finish up the projects started this week.  In the weekly productivity plan we work with here at Wealth And Abundance Today our focus is to be organized and zero in on our tasks with the intent to complete them quickly and not drag them out (or let others we are working with drag them out).

Being organized enough to have “project completion” is a learned habit.  A determined focus!

The Weekly Productivity Plan is a way to stay organized and focused!

In the Weekly Productivity Plan – there is guided focus throughout the day and the team works at it together (or alone if we have different tasks, so you can do it if you are a soloprenuer).  Start your week with an organized task/project list knowing where your “end” is.

Organized! On Monday choose the items that will generate revenue for you – have them organized on your list (the one you did the Friday prior) and do those first – creating Monetize Monday!  (in addition to what $$ generating tasks you have on your list our team made this week’s focus from our team was building your list and to increase your audience that receives your message)  How great is it to start the week with money coming in from your efforts!  This also allows you time to do follow up throughout the week to be sure to get that money into your offices by Friday.

Organized! On Tuesday choose to focus on the “toughest” most daunting task on your list.  This will clear it off your plate, give you a sense of accomplishment early in your week and if for some reason it needs more time to follow up you have additional days in the week to schedule it in.  Be organized and calendar when you will do it. Just get the ball rolling – it really does feel great!  This week our team stayed with the email marketing theme and made Tackle It Tuesday all about database management – again helping you the business owner gain control and be organized about connecting with your clients & prospects.

Organized! On Wednesday choose to focus on “working your task list”.  This is where you will return calls, follow up on emails, place orders and do follow up – all the 5 – 10 minute tasks we tend to put off because it is not going to take us any time.. right?  They they have piled up so high we are like “where am I going to find the time to get these done?”  Crazy what we do to ourselves! If you have organized your day to get those types of tasks done you will get them ALL done! This week our team again stayed with the theme of email marketing and Work It Wednesday was centered around getting organized with those  piles of business cards and contacts you have collected and not put in your database management program in order to continue to stay connected!

Organized! On Thursday choose to focus on thriving – allow yourself to the rewards of your diligent work all week and be in a complete mode of getting it done!  This is the day for tasks and projects to be wrapped up. The order you will work on them will be determined by how you organized them on your list and their priority.  This week the team, in the vain of the theme centered Thriving Thursday around The Plan for you email marketing.  Having an organized plan of action for how, when, who, and how often you will reach out to your clients/prospect or audience is a vital part of being successful in with your efforts.  If you are dis-organized you will loose a good portion of your readers and followers. Being organized sets up consistency and accountability!

Organized! So today is Finish It Friday… complete your project list and tasks that are outstanding and be sure to leave today with an organized list to start with Monday! You will see the benefits of starting the next week with that organized list of to dos. With you spending your week being focused and organized you look forward to being done with your week’s Get It Done list early and reward yourself with the remainder of the day off!  Our team focuses on what is to be completed that week and if it done in an organized manner we are usually done by 1pm and get a half day off plus the weekend – can you do that?  Of course!  Why do you work if you do not reward yourself?  Money is great in all don’t get me wrong – but LIFE is outstanding, don’t miss any more of it than you have to!  You deserve it.  Be organized, work hard but find the time to play harder!

At Wealth And Abundance Today we are a team dedicated to you the business owner, no matter what kind of business.  We want to help help you be organized, educate and assist you in building a strong foundation and a productive flow in your work so that you can experience LIFE!

Being organized is not something that should be stressful,like we mentioned it is a learned habit – a focus and has it rewards!

“Once you have a clear picture of your priorities- that is values, goals, and high leverage activities- get organized around them.”
— Stephen Covey

We would like to help you, be part of YOUR team as motivators and accountability partners – let us help you be organized and be successful.  Keep reading we are looking at some great interviews on being Organized, Sales, Recruiting, Building, Websites and MORE!

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Organized Juggling!