Database Management – Where do you start?


Do you collect business cards when you go to networking meetings?  Are you a brick and mortar business that collects business cards because it seems like the thing to do?

I went into a local “town favorite” restaurant this past week and they have a jar out collecting business cards with a sign “Drop in your business card to win a free lunch” – it was totally full and looked like it had been that way for a long time.  First of all I am not sure they have pulled any cards, but I can safely guess they do not have a clue on database management.

The Key to Database Management is to manage the database!

As noted in the post Monetize Monday – How to Build Lists you need to start making sure you have the right email marketing program.  Refer to that post for suggestions on different programs available if you still need to pick one.

After choosing, signing up for and setting up your new database management system – you are now ready to get a handle on that collection of business cards.

  • Most email database management systems allow you to create “different lists” either in actual lists or by tagging the contacts – this is very important and useful in the future so think of the different list titles you would have, ie: contractors, home owners, small business owners, corporate contacts and so on… This is key to database management allowing you to target market your messages.
  • Entering your contacts into the database management system you will want to import your contacts in groups that match up with your list titles – and if you are manually entering people card by card just be sure to add them to the correct titled list
  • Do not let your connection’s business cards stack up – get them into the database management system as soon as possible, suggestion dedicate a certain time during the week to enter all cards collected OR paying a teen/family member to do it for you
  • One pitfall business owners fall into is having their database spread over several systems – this is NOT good database management, you are chasing them down from one place to another
  • The most important thing to remember is DO NOT let too much time go by before you contact your new “entries” the point is to create a relationship, let your clients know they are important to you.  Great database management means never letting a lead or connection go cold
  • Another good database management tip is to make sure you send a good mixture of “nurturing” messages (ones that are content filled, information giving, or just checking in) and sales messages

Don’t let database management overwhelm keep you from connecting with your clientele.

Take control of your database management, if it is not you personally find an assistant to help you out but the most important thing is to start.

Good luck with your database management – if you need help or have questions feel free to contact us for more suggestions.

Database Management

Database Management