The Call for Productivity

Wealth & Abundance Today’s
Weekly Productivity Focus Program

We have started a program to assist in motivating, educating, and helping with accountability – it is called The Weekly Productivity Program.


Here you will find daily posts structured to guide small and home based business owners in productivity  with suggestions in better time management, managing “get’r done” lists, balance business and personal time.  The program looks like this:

  • Monetize Monday: here will be suggestions, resources or current “what’s new” information built around items to begin the week Making Money
  • Tackle It Tuesday: here will be suggestions, resources or current “what’s new” information dedicated to tackling that list of tasks
  • Work It Wednesday: here will be encouragement, guidance, and tool suggestions for continuing to work on a list of “to dos”
  • Thriving Thursday/Throw it Forward Thursday: here the theme will alternate between these two titles – one is set to cheer and support the hard work being done the other is to help manage pesky task one cannot seem to get done.
  • Finish It Friday: here is the day to celebrate!  Did the work load get completed early enough to take off early?  Here we will share not only ideas on making sure you complete your “weekly planned” work but also give suggestions for personal pampering and personal time.

This program was started to motivate clients, customers and friends on Facebook.  It has received a lot of positive feedback so we wanted to expand it to be a stronger source of support!

We look forward to working with everyone assisting to get out of overwhelm and to build a foundation of productive days along with personal activity time!