Work It Wednesday – today is “hump day”, the day we are working towards the crest of the Projects & Task mountain.  Today is a great day for extreme focus on knocking out as many of the tasks and projects off your list today – you want to have a short short list by Friday!



Completing Projects & Tasks… are you organized?


This week we have themed it around “getting things done” with Monetize Monday centered around scheduling and noting to dos in


Project Check List

an organized manner and Tackle It Tuesday aimed at setting up a Tickler File to have the days themselves be more organized – today let’s work on completing projects & tasks in an organized manner.

The largest obstacle for business owners I would say is OVERWHELM.  This comes from many contributing factors but the never ending list of projects & tasks is a huge contributor! Lets work on putting together scheduling, the Tickler File, and projects & tasks for a plan of action in lessening the overwhelm one might be feeling.

Suggestions on organizing your list of Projects & Tasks:

  • Write down all of your projects & tasks getting them calendared along with noted in your Tickler File with as much detail as possible.
  • Evaluate how many items you are putting on your list of projects & tasks to get done. Are you putting too many?
  • Account for ALL of your daily activities when planning to complete projects & tasks.  Did you count in drive time for meetings? Did you figure in house, family, and personal responsibilities you have to do during the day?
  • Never over commit – if there is an emergency that comes up with a customer/client review your current projects & tasks and reach out to a customer/client that can be pushed back – BUT you must communicate the change in projected time to be done (of course the ones that you know are not set in stone)
  • Don’t procrastinate – it is your worst enemy!  If it is on the projects & task list for that day DO IT, you will feel so great, be more productive and your office will have a positive overtone around it.

Juggling all those projects & tasks:

Even when you are organized you are still in a sense juggling, you have your list of projects & tasks, you have family and personal commitments, you have to continue to grow your business and those dreaded things that just “pop-up”.  The important thing to remember is YOU are in control – too often we allow projects & tasks, activities, customers/clients or life take over and we are running along side just barely keeping up.  For the moment focusing on your projects & tasks, you need to take back control – block out time for certain types of projects like; website work, sending thank you cards or how are you notes to customers/clients, return calls at a sit down time.  Plan your tasks that are errands to do at the same time and set them up to make a circle if possible.  Utilize tools that are there to help complete projects & tasks – trust me there’s and app for that!  I love the dictation app, iPhones have Dragon Dictation and Droids have several – I use VocaNote.  You can use it to complete projects anywhere: while you are walking, driving or even doing something around the house grab your phone hit the app and speak a note, speak a blog post, speak details of the deal you just made with a new customer/client while they are fresh in your head – it will send you an email of the transcription.  It is not perfect but it really helps!

Important things to remember for your “working space” for completing projects:

You want to create an environment you enjoy to be in and will be conducive to productivity.  You want to be relaxed, refreshed, and energized in your “space”.  Everyone’s work space is different just as everyone’s projects and tasks are different – but it is important that everyone have a great space to work in!  If your projects call for you to be out on the road most of the time – you better like your vehicle.  Keep it washed, put a smell good thing in it and be sure your radio works!  If you do your projects in  an office space – maybe paint a wall or two, hang some pictures that are inspiring (create a “why” collage), have a radio and maybe some candles.  There is nothing that drains your energy more than a work space you do not enjoy being in! No Energy No Projects getting completed in a timely fashion. You can see more suggestions in the post from July 15th, 2011.