This is the best day of the week – the day you should start to reward yourself for a job (or several jobs) well done!


Finish It Friday…How did you do?

The weekly productivity plan is built around scheduling, planning, organizing and productivity.  You start the week and end the week with FINISH in mind. What is the actual amount of tasks you can finish during the week, and be reasonable.  We encourage you to schedule everything, when we say that we mean documenting it on your calendar, this goes from the most mundane things like dropping off kids at school to the most important deadlines for projects.  The benefit to this is that you can actually see how much free time you have or don’t have to schedule and finish projects and tasks that come up.

Once you have things documented – create a project & task tracking system, we like to use the Tickler File – you can see how to set it up and use it on that post, and stick to using it.  This is a habit you might need to form so give it some time stay dedicated to making changes in your behavior and business practices that will allow you to finish more and be more successful!

Using your calendar and your Tickler File you will then plan what you can finish and realistic dates of when you can finish projects and tasks.  Your week should be planned so you can finish everything by Friday (the earlier the better because then you are OFF for the weekend!)  The one rule for Finish It Friday is to NOT START ANY NEW PROJECTS – this is the day you are wrapping up your week of projects and tasks – if it was not stared prior to Friday it moves to Monday of the next week!

Wrap Up and Clean Up – Finish It Friday

Since in theory, if you are working the Weekly Productivity Plan correctly, Friday is your lightest day on tasks because you are wrapping everything up, you make sure you and a little clean up too. This is the day you make sure you have crossed off everything you finished through the week allowing you to see what is still left to finish.  When the last item is crossed off or the end of the day has come – review what is on your scheduled tasks sheet – what did not get completed this week?  Move it to Monday of next week and start there on Monday!  Check out your traveling task sheet, how much is left on it?  Does it need to be cleaned up and rewritten for next week because you have finished so many items?  You want to keep your traveling task sheet clean and legible from week to week – it will get messy because you cross off things as you finish them – but don’t waste time to rewrite it everyday – relish in the fact of all the things crossed off at the end of the week.

Finish It Friday breakdown:

  1. First thing in the am review what is left for today (don’t start anything new today, wrap up only)
  2. Work until you finish your list OR the day is over (what is your cut off time and be strict in keeping that)
  3. When done or off for the day take 20 mins to organize for the following week – move scheduled tasks that did not get completed to Monday (plan to do them first) and clean up the traveling tasks sheet – rewrite it if needed and relish in the all the items you did finish that week and move it to Monday of the next week.

Being successful means you finish things you start!  You also need to reward yourself for the items you do finish – have you set up a reward plan yet?  If not do!  It can be if you finish early Friday you go for a round of golf, go to the gym, treat yourself to a pedicure, a movie or even some long overdue personal time (what ever that is to you).

Your business will never be finished – but you can complete and finish tasks and projects that increase your success and your income!