Monetize Monday ~ The start of the week!  Start your week off with some motivation and focus.  Take 5 minutes and review your task list.  Do you have it organized?  Do you have a plan of action?  Is your plan the most productive?  I like to start Mondays with items that are on my task list that are revenue generating when I am scheduling items for my Tickler File, I will generally place those kinds of items on Mondays – revenue generating items for me can consist of, returning a proposal or price quote, following up on unpaid invoices, sending out promotions (I prep them Monday and will actually schedule it to be sent on a Tuesdays/Wednesday) and have new client consulting.  It is awesome to start your week headed towards the payoff.

Branding, do you use or have a tag line?

Branding is SO important to your business success. 

You might ask “What exactly do you mean by branding?”

Brand, a name, logo, slogan, and/or design scheme associated with a product or service

Branding is important

Brand Your Business

Having a great brand image is important for not only your visibility but for your “remember-ability” (ok that is not a word so much but it best relays what I mean, the ability for people to remember you and your business)  Along with the logo and image you use for your branding, you need a great tag line.  A brand tag line is one that becomes the “jingle” or “statement” people say with your business title/name.

Your branded tag line should be a very short part of your message, something you can say in one sentence that will relay the message of who you are, what you are about, and or the feeling they will leave with.  This is a large calling for such a little line but it can be done.  Sometimes when are thinking of your company or business name it comes to you right away and sometimes you have to enlist others to help you out.  This is a powerful “tool” in your marketing so you want to have it.  You might be saying now, “I use my name as my company or business name” you still need a branding tag line because you want to continually relay your message and have people always leave with a little piece of YOU.  If you are a network marketer, remember your branding YOU and not the company or product you work with – so be sure to get something that will attract people to work with you, follow you, seek you out…

YOU know what I mean – you do it with several corporations out there today:

  • Allstate branded, Your in good hands with Allstate. (For an insurance company, they brand themselves to be taking care of you)
  • Disneyland branded The Happiest Place On Earth. (For this amusement park, you will only find fun and happiness, ie: great times)
  • US Bank branded All of “US” serving you.  and on TV htey say – “From here to where you want to be” (For a bank being there for you, and helping you grow)
  • Tanning branded If you cannot Tone It Tan It (For a tanning company re-enforcing you can tan whatever no matter)
  • McDonalds branded I’m loving it (For a food company you are saying you LOVE it when you sing their little jingle)
  • VA-a-GoGo branded Where you go to get things done. (For a VA company it gives people the reassurance that things get done with them)
  • Wealth And Abundance Today branded Your Business Your Passion Your Success (reenforcing Your Business should be your passion and you will have success ~this might transition later)
  • Eric Worre branded Network Marketing Pro (he is setting up that he is a pro in the field and attracts you to work with him, but he does not say the company he is with)

Look at your  company/business name, do you use a branded tag line?  Does it give the message you want people to remember you for?  Is it catchy and remember-able?

Branding is fun and it is a marketing MUST.  You will use it on everything you say, print, share and give away.  It will be that piece of “branding” your networking group will share with others when referring you.  Your branded tag line is the easiest piece of your word of mouth marketing!

No business or company is too small for a branded tag line!

If you need any suggestions we are happy to bounce around some ideas with you just contact us… we are here for your success!