Monetize Monday – Start your week focusing on tasks or projects that will bring revenue to your business and YOU!  Starting your week with revenue coming in already is motivating for the remainder of the week.  This could be as simple as following up on invoices that are past due, setting that meeting that will secure a deal, calling prospects and getting them signed up in your business – start your week on a positive!  How can you Monetize this Monday?

Do you take the opportunity to monetize your message everywhere?

To Monetize is not always revenue in hand immediately… you monetize in your business from a lot of aspects and if done right you can monetize from a lot of different avenues.

You want to find all the ways you connect with people and monetize them.  I don’t mean you want to cram your product or service down their throats every chance you get, you want to connect with them on a personal level.  To monetize, in the way I mean it, is to not only bring revenue in but to secure relationships to later bring revenue in. Creating a non-threatening non-aggressive approach to your message and communications will monetize in the long run.  You want to build a following of people wanting to hear more from you – knowing they can come to you with a question – you want them to invest in YOU.  To monetize this way is everlasting because you have built those relationships into your foundation.

To many people go out and think I want to convert everyone to $$ in my pocket – this is felt by those people.  To monetize in this way is to just use them and eventually you will loose them.



Monetize Your Message Everywhere

There are several ways to monetize your message:



  • newsletters
  • blog
  • direct mailers
  • social media status updates
  • periodical advertising
  • email signature
  • voice mail message
  • how you answer your business phone
  • static website
  • and even more…

Newsletters – Monetize from this Message: These are emails that are sent to your database using email marketing programs such as aWeber, Comf5, Constant Contact, iContact, Get Response, Mail Chimp, and some of the eCommerce programs come with that component like 1ShoppingCart, and InfusionSoft.  Newsletters should be sent out to inform, educate and share – NOT to sell. How do you monetize from it you might ask…  You continue to have your name and business name in fornt of your database and clientele.  You want to be the person your customers and clients look to for “the answer” in your area of knowledge and expertise. Of course you can post something on this newsletter that would monetize that particular email blast but it should be a passive sale like a discount, a mention, a “hey did you know” kind of message.

Direct mailers – Monetize from this Message: Depending on the format your direct mailer is created this could have a large or very small close to nothing impact on your receivers – how do you find the one that you can monetize from?  Flyers not really, coupons through the mail not really unless done right, single post cards too small and tend to get overlooked.. what really works is cards – like greeting cards.  Again your message is for the client, customer, prospect.  It should be directed to say thank you, welcome, hope things are going awesome.  This is a great way for Real Estate agents to stay connected with buyers and sellers current and past.  Restaurants can send birthday cards with a 10% off message.  Network Marketers can use it to answer a question, greet a prospect or thank a recent sign up (for their entire team building – very meaningful)  How does this monetize anything for you?  Again you are staying in front of them – you are showing that you care for them.  People want to do business with those they know and are friends with.

Email signature – Monetize from this Message:  Think of how many emails you send in a day – probably hundreds.  Be sure to have an email signature set up with active links your receiver can click on and be taken to your website, blog, details about an event and so on.. monetize this method of communication.  Be sure to always have your phone number in there as well so no one has to go looking for a way to connect one on one with you.  I like Esig because of the awesome graphics and status tracking available but a lot of your email providers allow you to set up an HTML esig too.

Voice Mail Message – Monetize from this Message: You are probably asking, you can monetize from your voice mail message?  YEP you can – here you have a captive audience – they have to wait through the message to be able to leave you a message. Keep it SHORT.  Keep it UPBEAT. You want the person leaving a message to smile by the time they are leaving you a message – the monetize comes from people want to business with people they like, know and are friends with – let them get to know you.

How you answer your business phone line: Here this is probably the most direct out of all of the methods to monetize your message everywhere.  The key here is to answer the phone asking…. (just like McDonalds and other chains have started to do), Hello thank you for calling X restaurant – would you like to hear our soup of the day?  or Hello thank you for calling X restaurant, would you like to hear our special for the day?  Hello thank you for calling X embroidery store, would you like to hear our t-shirt special? Hello this is bob with (X company) are you interested in making more money?  So you get the picture – JUST ASK.  If they say no it is OK they are still calling you for work stuff you are just giving them the opportunity to learn more.

Remember to monetize does not only mean revenue in your hand at the moment – it is the value in the relationships you build that also bring revenue.

A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.  ~Henry Ford

Tomorrow we will talk in more detail about how you monetize your blog or static website.

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