Monetize Monday focus today on tasks that are going to bring revenue into your office/business today for the week. Start the work week with a jump and a positive move forward, nothing does this best by bringing in revenue!  This could be collecting on outstanding invoice, securing a deal that has been in the works, complete training with a downline, schedule a demonstration – what ever will start your week generating $$ – you should do that today.

Business Tools, do you have the right ones? Do you use them? 

Business Tools

Do You Have the Right Tools?


Every business owner needs the right tools for the “job”.  Mechanics need jacks, wrenches, impact drivers and so on.  Doctors need scalpels, imaging equipment, and prescription pads. You get the picture – every business no matter what kind it is needs business oriented tools to do the job and do it right… do you have the right business tools?  There are SOOO many business tools out there today, this site is dedicated to bringing you information on them, however this week I will focus on one “package” set of tools along with some complimenting ones to go with it.

Having a small business, home based business or network marketing business all need one important item to their success – it is relationships.  Relationships with their customers/clients are the MOST important part of doing business today – how you as the business owner creates, nurtures and maintains the relationships is how you will stand out from the rest.  There is a set of business tools I am enjoying using – they are IMToolSuite brought to us by the outstanding marketer Cedrick Harris! This set of business tools brings all areas of marketing under one roof – they have made it very simple to use & manage a handful of tool so you are spending less time logging in here and logging in there!  What a time saver and helps add productivity to my daily routine, my favorite part!

IMToolSuite has several tools to use in this package, if you clicked on the link you will have been introduced to them and can get a free trial – way cool!  In there you can create video emails and send then through your own platform – you can create opt-in pages – you can set up a facebook greeter – you can do some live broadcasting and MORE!  Check it out.

To get started, I want to share information on different business tools inside of IMToolSuite and out – so you have a better picture.  Today I want to focus on email marketing (sending broadcasts and email signatures).  Email marketing has taken over!  We all receive them but are you sending them for your business?  This is a very relaxed way to keep your customers informed of specials, new programs, and even new team members whether you are a traditional business or network marketing.  I mention the new team members because people like to feel like family and that is information you would share with family so share even that!  An email signature is really important for you business because it continues the “branding” and keeps your logo, picture, or branded message infront of the customer/client even in simple direct messages – it is what falls under my category of “Billboard Bling” – you have the space don’t waste it!

(In the list of business tools below you will see me describe more than one product for the same service.  This is because I want to be sure to give as much resources and choices to the readers possible – if you want more information on a product or business tool – feel free to contact me directly via the contact page and I am happy to review what business you have and help match you with the right tool for you)

Let’s go over some of the email marketing tools any business owner should have:

A Business Email Marketing Program – there are several out there, I currently use Aweber and really enjoy the flexibility it gives me in marketing and keeping my clients up to date on information.  It gives me the ability to sell to them or just deliver messages!  Aweber also integrates with the tools in IMToolSuite.  I also LOVE video email, I use Comf5 for this – not only can I deliver emails that have a video message from me, but I can use this system to do live video broadcasts (viewed lived or later via a link) that will allow me to market and give a buy now area, and I can send one off video emails that are more personal – great tool! (I will review other systems out there in later posts)  Both of these email marketing systems allow you to create an opt-in form to gather contacts and build your list – a few weeks ago we discussed how important it was to build your business contact list and to have an audience for your message. And both allow you to send emails in mass quantities with one push of a button.

A Business Email Signature Program: I currently use two systems for my esignature – I use MyeSig with my VA-a-GoGo company.  I love being able to have a nice eye catching graphic on my emails and one that prompts them to click a button to visit an area I am promoting is always a plus. With MyeSig if you do not have a graphic prepared, you can use one of the hundreds they have created (most having movement to catch attention) and they also have tons of Network Marketing Specific business graphics created as well – check them out. I use IMToolSuite with WealthAndAbundanceToday this is a little more calmer – because I am sharing information with my business contacts I want to just make a statement.

Once you have your business email system in place and have an esig set up you are marketing with the best of them!

Tomorrow we will review a couple of the other business tools in IMToolSuite and show you the awesome package that has been put together solely for helping overwhelmed business owners advance in their business success and regaining time back in their life!