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Communicate with Newsletters

Now that you have your database together and building larger daily – let’s focus on why a newsletter…

Having a newsletter is a valuable tool for your business –
• It assists in the ROI on marketing investments
• Increases your customer loyalty (based on offers you give)
• Gives you the ability to do “split testing” to see what kind of campaigns are more successful
• Gives you an outlet to “touch” your customers/clients/prospects on a regular basis

Creating a clear purpose for your newsletter is important – you should not send a newsletter that is solely based on “selling” to your people – you need to GIVE to your people!
Some companies feel newsletters should be once a month – the frequency is important and once a month is not frequent enough to maintain and build a relationship with your “peeps”. Marketing is stronger when you have a “relationship” with your peeps.

Suggestions for your newsletter – with this frequent sending mix up the topics of your blasts – things like This Week’s How To Tips, This Week’s Hot or Controversial or Good news in your market, This Week’s Time Sensitive Offers, This Week’s Question from a reader and so on – you want to feed the interest of all of your readers!

Be sure to keep eyes on the stats for opens and replies back in regards to the email topics you send – which are received better, which ones receive “action” from your readers and which ones bomb? Take that information and continue to build your messages! More next week…

Don’t forget productivity is the way to propel you forward professionally and personally… Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!