Tackle It Tuesday – Today stay focused on tackling the biggest business task on your weekly task list – hopefully you have started an organized tracking system for your business and other tasks like the Tickler File we discussed last week.  If you need help setting something up, feel free to contact us and we can help you out.  Getting the toughest, biggest or most annoying business task out of your way early sets you up for easy street the rest of the week :o) !

For business it is imperative that you continue to grow your client base, right?  There are three steps that when following them will guarantee growth… and when using the right business tools this is made easier.

Connect, Communicate, Build Business 


Get the Word Out!



Connect: Connecting with the potential clientele & buyers has been made easier over the years and a touch harder at the same time.  Before in a time where business came from the immediate members of the town you might have been limited who you spoke with about your business but you had a captive audience.  Then came the time when it was made easier to travel and you did not have that focused captive audience buying from your business anymore but you had a bit of competition.  Then many years later came the Internet which allowed people to buy basically from any business they wanted to no matter where they were located. Now we have Social Media – which has combined the accessibility of the internet but encourages the relationships between business owners and their clientele… but every business has the opportunity to connect with them.  What are you doing to connect with your business clientele right now?  Are you using the internet productively for you business?  In the package of tools we started discussing on Monetize Monday this week IMToolSuite brings you several business tools to use together or alone if you wish – we have covered email marketing which is a must to connect with your peeps – what other tools help you connect and you can find them in IMToolSuite? Text message marketing – this allows you to send a group text message to your business contacts. A company that is using this to their advantage is RedBox – check it out, sign up and see how they motivate you to come and rent a video.  This is great for people in the restaurant business – just think every Wednesday at 10am you send out a discount offer just for your people to use that day at lunch (free appetizer, 15% off their bill, buy one meal full price get another free) your customers will be waiting to see what their text says and will look forward to coming into your place for lunch – increasing your business! You can also find voice broadcast marketing as well where you can send a voice message to your business clientele – this is great to use if there is an event you would like to invite your database to personally – you just do not what to abuse either of these methods – and get permission to market to them in these manners up front.  Let your people know you will only send information using these tools that you feel is intimate, personal and they would want to  know. Using tools like Text Message Marketing & Voice Broadcast Marketing can give you an additional way to connect to your people and increase not only your visibility but your productivity too.

Communicate: Communication is key!  With the internet and now Social Media you can communicate with people you would have never been able to before.  You can create website (blog) to deliver tips, tricks, and special information. You can set up social media pages to share information about your business.  You can create business groups so that you attract like minded people.  You can find several ways to communicate your business message – but are you doing it? Again email marketing falls into this category – and Video Email Marketing is top rated right now because your people continue to have a human touch with the business message – they see you, they hear you and they feel like they are getting to know you.  Highly recommend you check it out – if you would like to see video email marketing in action – register to receive our newsletter.  But communicating your business message can come in other formats as well – like live web conferencing and live broadcasting – and posting videos (like on YouTube).  The live versions are very effective for businesses that educate the public or do interviews and even entertain.  It is a way your audience can again, see, hear and get to know YOU!  Lets take the restaurant business again for an example – do a 30 minute cooking show or kitchen tip show once a week – people can watch it live or catch the video archive – help your peeps create what you give them at home.  Will they?  Most likely not because they go to that business for more than the food (like great service,personal treatment and awesome food) but it empowers them to do it if they felt so inclined to cook at home.

Build Business: As you implement these business tools and strategies into your routine you will bring more attention to your company.  With an increase in visibility you really will be stepping up your actions.  Your customer service should be AWESOME.  Your attentiveness to your customers needs should be on at all times. Once you get the business audience you are working for you need to keep them.  When your visibility goes up your business revenue should follow.  By keeping in mind your customers/clientele are not just $$ signs to you they are people who are investing in you and your business your level of personal interaction should increase as well.  Happy customers and clientele lead to even more marketing – word of mouth!  That is the level you want to reach so the combination of your email marketing, your text/broadcast marketing, your video marketing is all combined with people saying “You have to check this out!” This level of attention can be reached for any business you just need to have your message clear, how you want to serve the public clear and your marketing strategies clear.  Utilizing a tool package like IMToolSuite helps you bring all of that together in one house.  The most important thing is you investigate the tools you need and start registering for them and using them!

When you focus on Connect, Communicate, Build Business you are naturally focused on what you are giving your customers/clientele and takes your message out of “it’s all about me” frame of mind….

It used to be that people needed products to survive.  Now products need people to survive.  ~Nicholas Johnson

You want to create the right business message to attract attention… get out there and be seen and heard!