Tackle It Tuesday ~ Tuesday is the day in the Weekly Productivity Program that you focus on tackling a task or project that you have been avoiding – start it today and work it through completion.  If it is a task that will take you through “stages” before it is considered complete, you have the week to get it done…. Tackle Away!

Facebook for Business… Let’s get you started!


Facebook and Business go Hand & Hand

There are several Social Media sites, how do you know which one to focus your attention on?  Facebook is “Top Dog” for sure when looking for the most registered users.  It also has the highest number of daily log-ins by their users.  What does this mean for you?  Facebook gives your the opportunity to meet, interact and build relationships with more people than any of the other social media sites out there.

You have to set up a personal profile before you can set up a Facebook Page.  You can read more about items to include in your Facebook personal Profile in yesterday’s post. Your profile will become the administrator to any Facebook Pages you create after your profile.  Facebook has strict user regulations and one of them is your profile page HAS to be a personal “human” person profile – someone who is going to interact with others and be social. HENCE SOCIAL MEDIA. Even though you can speak about your business and share exciting news about your business on your personal profile, you need to be sure you are interacting with people and also making a presence based on YOU.

Facebook has “pages” for businesses to use to promote their services or products, up until April 19th, 2010 they were called “Fan Pages”. 

Once you have your profile set up and moving forward, do not delay to start your Facebook Business Page – you want to invite people who become your “friend” on your Facebook personal Profile page to LIKE your Facebook Business Page. (Reason being, a Facebook Personal Profile Page caps out at 5,000 friends, but a Facebook Business Page can have unlimited “LIKES” – You don’t want to limit yourself)

Facebook Business Pages – What To Do?

When facing bringing a new marketing element into your “business plan” there are always three areas that must be addressed  for it to be successful.  Create ~ Strategy ~ Promote

Create your Facebook Business Page: Once your personal profile is completed open a new internet browser page and go to: Facebook Pages.  Here it will walk you through setting up your own.  I suggested you keep your personal profile open at the same time because there might be items you have typed up already you can copy and paste into sections on your page.  If you need more information Facebook has set up an assistance center – Facebook for Business, check it out.  Remember to stay consistent with your visual brand you have set up already with your business.

Strategy: You want to sit down and “map” this out a bit… just like in your email marketing, you want to be able to answer a few questions: Who is my target market?  What am I going to share content wise?  How often am I going to share content? Are you going to do Facebook Ads and what is your budget? You will want to make sure all of these elements are staying consistent with your other marketing efforts.

Here are some suggestions for your strategy:

  • Set your community expectations
  • Keep your branding consistent
  • Stay current with your information and post often
  • Be Authentic, Be You
  • Participate in conversations with your “readers”. You should never leave a comment on your wall without a response or acknowledgement from you
  • Create and Build interest in the forum/questions area
  • Create your call to action – be gentle but without your call to action what are you wanting your readers to do?



Be sure when you are answering these questions and setting up your strategy your responses are do-able for you – it is better ramp up and get stronger as you grow than to start strong and fizzle out!

Promote: This is the stage where you build interest and drive traffic to your Facebook Page. You want to get 25 LIKES as soon as possible so you can customize the Facebook link to your page making it easier to promote and brand.  At this moment the Wealth and Abundance Today Facebook Page is not in full swing, we are here in the promote stage – there are several ways to promote your page and get “LIKES” – you should send an invite to all of your “friends” in your personal profile.  You should include a link in your email signature with a catchy note – “Just Launched on Facebook” or something like that.  You should connect it to your website (as here with the social media buttons on the right).  Announce the launch to your LinkedIn, Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon, Squido and any other social media outlets you already participate in.  You should share it with your Networking Group you meet with, announce it in the Meet-Up group bulletin board you belong to (you might need to ask the organizer first) and of course share it on your status update for your personal profile.  Really the options are endless on what you can do, the point is you DO IT!  Do something fun – ask friends to promote your page and have who they send leave a comment about what they are looking forward to learning, hearing, seeing on your page and also note who sent them there – it can be a contest, whoever sends the most people gets (blank) from you – maybe if it is your networking group it can be a Starbucks card… but you get the idea….

Make it Fun.  Make it do-able. Make it an Extention of what you already do.