Work It Wednesday is just what it says in the Weekly Productivity Program… it is a the day you work work work those tasks and projects.  Turn down the phone, don’t set any meetings for today, and limit your exposure to distractions. When you set a day aside to just focus on work and no meetings, no massive phone interruptions, and no unwanted guests you get a ton done!  You might be a person that dose not work well when it is “scheduled” but make it a game – plan a reward for tonight so when you accomplish X number of things today you will reward yourself with X – how does this look for you?  How much do you want to accomplish?  What is your reward?

Your Message Your Presence Your Blog!

Everyone in business has a message – we have discussed making sure your message is everywhere.  Everyone in business has a presence – their signage, business card, advertising, networking, and website just to name a few areas.  This takes us to discussing your website, do you have one?  Is it a static website or a blog site?  (A static website is a plain website that is usually built in HTML and does not get updated with content regularly – like a retail site, a Blog is a website that gets updated with content on a regular basis and is built with certain platforms like WordPress Joomla and there are more but they are set for better SEO and visibility…)  I can recommend everyone in business should have a web presence – and I do not recommend only having a static site – a blog site nowadays is a MUST. A blog site can be used by ANY and ALL business types.  Do you have a blog site? No, why not?  Want to know more about getting a FREE professionally set up for you, no strings  Click Here.  Still not sure…

Here are some common objections we hear about blog sites: 




  • I don’t know where to get started on a blog so I am stuck
  • I don’t know how to blog
  • I don’t know where I would get content for a blog
  • I cannot blog that often
  • Too much work
  • Cost too much money for a blog site
  • And the list goes on…

Well if you are in business to DO BUSINESS you need to be where the people are that are doing business and that is on the internet.  None of the objections are strong enough to stop you from having a blog site.  Each one of those can be handled in a manner that anyone can have a blog and benefit from it!  I can show you how you don’t have to do it alone and you can avoid overwhelm!

Let’s break it down blog site objections:

I don’t know where to get started on a blog so I am stuck: Don’t try to learn everything about setting up a blog, get someone to do it for you, and you can do this very affordable…  Warning – if you are planning to do business and sale items using an eCommerce blog site, I do not recommend creating a free blog site on – they have rules of not conducting business and retail with their free platform and can shut down your site – get one you own.

I don’t know how to blog: Our team has wordpress tutorials that will easily step by step walk you through that the back side of your wordpress site looks like and how to post a blog – we have more advanced tutorials once you need them.  Feel free to contact Homepage Design & Support about the tutorials – Alicia is awesome.

I don’t know where to get content for a blog: Content comes from everywhere – you are the expert at your business and the message you want to share.  All you are doing is writing it out for people to read and find. You have content generating everyday you do business… there are also ways to pull content in with tools like Article Wizard as well.  You can hire a blog writer, you give them the topic and they will write a 200-300 word post for around $10.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact VA-a-GoGo and we can help you find a blog writer.

I cannot blog that often, I don’t have time & Too much work: This is where you leverage yourself and hire a blog writer and utilize tools like Article Wizard. If you have any questions please feel free to contact VA-a-GoGo and we can help you find a blog writer.

Cost Too Much Money For A Blog Site: Wrong – I can tell you where you can get started for FREE with professional hands on help! I have an aswesome relatioship with Bradley Will and he has a great company called Free Blog Factory and they do all the set up for you, help with customization and even get you started with content based around your type of business.  You have nothing to loose starting one – and to have someone set it up, get you started with content all for free is amazing!

So what are your excuses now?  You should not have any that will stop you from getting started today…. there is a special happening this week so check it out and don’t waste time. You have people here at Wealth and Abundance TodayVA-a-GoGo to help you succeed and train you on using your site!  We love answering questions! You can do it!

More about benefits on having your blog site tomorrow in Thriving Thursday… (wanted to get all the objections out of the way first)