Finish It Friday – In our weekly productivity program we encourage ALL business owners to gain control over the “out of control” “never ending” to-do list.  We recommend using a tracking organized system like the Ticker File, or something similar that will work for you.  To be a productive business owner and have room for growth you need to work a “plan” be organized and set boundaries.  Take time this Finish It Friday to review what you are doing now – is it working for you?  Is it not working for you?  Are you constantly chasing and putting out fires?  Do you have any free personal time?  Get a plan together for starting next week being more productive and organized.  If you need any help with planning or organization please put your questions in the comment area so we can answer them and they can help our other readers…

Be Organized Create Balance!

Having organization in all aspects of your life can be a lot of work at first – but this is a habit that is SOOO work the work,  Creating a habit of being organized will not only bring clarity to your priorities but will also open up your schedule for the free time you work so hard for.

When you are organizing and prioritizing believe it or not you need to SLOW DOWN – focus more.  you need to set boundaries ( office or working hours, acceptable client requests)  You need to be realistic about what can be completed in a designated amount of time and not overbook yourself. Remember to SIMPLIFY – you are no good to your customers/clients, prospects, family, friends or yourself if you are overworked, exhausted, and burnt out.  Create your “Zen” working world! A world where you can work and still enjoy the world around you.

To have such a space takes you realizing YOU are important. That the reason you went into business for yourself was not only for the $$ but for the peace of mind. That you need to get “paid” as much as anyone else you do business with!

I challenge you to get organized – plan properly, and prioritize not only “tasks & projects” but YOU time as well.

When you organize your days and weeks, did you put in reading time for you, time to go for a walk and or time to do something you consider relaxing.

My wish for you this Finish It Friday is to find clarity, organization, and priorities that take care of you.  Work at not falling into the Soloprenuer trap of working your “butt” off and not enjoying life as you go.  Take the time to reap the rewards of your hard work, even if the revenue is not as high as you want it – if you don’t take time to breath now you might work yourself right out of any “breathing” in the future.

Remember if you have any questions on being organized, leave comments or contact us – we are here to help you!