Finish it Friday is a day we consider an immediate reward day – when you have completed all of the scheduled/planned tasks that were set as the goal that week you are done working for the day!  You are free to relax and have time to spend on yourself.

Being clear on scheduled goals in your tracking system is a MUST!


Be clear when writing your tasks and project goals for the week

Do you have a tracking system?  Are you scheduling in an appropriate amount of work? Are you taking on too much? Do you have a plan each week?  Do you set personal rewards?

Creating goals each week of things that need to get completed is a must – it is your framework, your path, your structure for the week – without setting them and having plan you are working without structure and not being as productive as you can be.

As solo-preneurs we tend to be flying by the seat of our pants more than not.  We feel like our business is running US instead of the other way around.  We tend to feel defeated more often.  All of this comes from lack of a plan or structure.

Get clear on what your “doable” work load is – plan your goal accordingly.

You need to take time to evaluate how things are going – what is working and what is not and make adjustments.  Be realistic when you set out to accomplish tasks and in setting your goals for the week.  Create a plan set your goals and see how that works – if there is something that did not work out so well – evaluate and adjust.  Don’t lower your goals of how much work you want to complete in a week but grow into them.  Know how much you want to be completing by a certain time and take steps to create the habits to achieve those goals by learning new habits and making new routines.

Goals in regards to your accomplishments should not be killers…

As we grow as business owners naturally our goals will grow as well.  You will take on more and more tasks, even if you are delegating them you will be project managing them.  Do not set yourself up with s many tasks and projects and having to do it all NOW that you kill yourself and you do not enjoy what you are doing.

Remember GOALS are not “finish lines” they are mile markers.

You should set three kinds of goals for yourself –

  • amount of work planned for the week to be completed (always changing and being reset for new tasks)
  • where you want your business to be (I call it, what do you want to be when you grow up) (to be evaluated annually to be sure your goals have not changed)
  • what you want revenue wise from this business (this goal is your guideline NOT your stopping point)

Write your goals down – it gives them more POWER in your way of working and a foundation in your WHY!

All of the experts AND successful individuals out there will tell you to write your goals out – this is why for the weekly tasks and projects I suggest you haved a great tracking system – it forces you to even write those down – giving you more control and power over your time and your business.