Monetize it Monday – Monday is the start of the week – making connections and following up with connections made the week before is a great way to start your week.  Also, setting referrals and connecting other people that can benefit from knowing each other is a great thing to do at the start of the week.  Starting your week with relationships and the investment not only benefits your business but also you as a person…. get out there and connect!

Opportunities to Connect are around us ALL OF THE TIME!

I know we talk about NOT working all of the time, but is that the same as not talking about your work/business whenever you have the opportunity?  Talking about your business where ever you go is very important (just know the signs given off by people when it is enough).  Talking about your business is marketing and you should always be marketing.  Now understand I am not suggesting you go out hocking your products and services every time you open your mouth but you should be able to represent what you do.  Some examples – promotional clothing, a promotional bag or button, a promotional hat, how about promotional pens you can leave behind?  Lets say you are meeting someone at a local restaurant, get there early – maybe sit at the bar even if you are having a pop and strike up a conversation – and do your networking!  Remember be quick to listen and slow to answer… ask questions about them, invest time in who they are and what they do – make your mental notes.  If you have any promotional items on or around you they will pick up on it and most likely ask you what you do – and the door is open for a VERY, may I repeat, VERY soft sell – keep it light and about them.  If you feel this is someone who can benefit from your products or services or even business opportunity get their info and set up a time to meet for coffee or something later – and keep this meeting very light….  you can network ANYWHERE YOU GO without working all the time.

Connecting with people outside of your “office” or establishment is also important.  Maybe you have a very loyal customer/client/prospect – invite them out for a “get to know you session” again invest in the connection that has already been established.  Are there ways you can connect them with others and support their business?

Connections can be made on vacation…

One of my favorites is connecting with potential clients/prospects when I am on vacation… OK so in my family I have the gift of meeting people and striking up conversations. Getting to know people at the drop of a dime.  When you are on vacation what a better time to say “yeah just out here celebrating 3 months of hard work” I promise you they will want to know what you do and if you get to do this every three months!  People like to connect we were not put on earth to be alone.  Take advantage of the fact people like to also share their successes, again ask questions and get to  know them.  Word of caution, don’t network so much on your vacation that your family or loved one is feeling like you are not there together – get up early to make your connections, maybe hit the gym at the hotel, or the golf course while everyone else has plans to enjoy some pampering or shopping….

Connections can be made shopping, banking, exercising…

We are all busy people… we have have life responsibilities that consist of shopping, banking and exercising – why not take advantage of time you are out making connections and building relationships.  You usually shop at the same grocery story, same “mall” and bank at the same bank and exercise in the same park – walking trail or gym – right what is better then connecting with people you see regularly?  All connecting takes is striking up a conversation – you are already doing something in common, you are at the same location.  Do you recognize them from the school drop off line?  How about at that location before?  It pays to be really observant no matter where you are.


Connecting people, everyone wins!

Connect with others so you can connect with others…

Not every connection will be a fit for YOU but they are still important relationships.  You might know someone who knows someone that would like to know someone or could use the services of someone you just made a connection with.  Investments in other people are the best investments you can make into your business, not in a greedy sense but in the giving-back way – always be on the lookout to help others with connections too.


Never waste a minute – connect connect connect!