Work It Wednesday ~ today is the day in our weekly productivity program we focus on the busy tasks. You know the ones that are quick to complete so we tend to put them off thinking “oh that will only take me a minute, I will do XX first” and those little easy ones stack up on your plate into a HUGE pile.  Then you look at it and you are now

thinking “oh man look at all those {blank} tasks” and you are overwhelmed.  Today we clear out the overwhelm and we focus on the tasks one at a time!

All At Once?

You are served a beautiful cake at desert, you want it ALL – but no matter how you try you cannot eat that entire cake in one bite – you have to take several bites/slices to get


it all down.  See the divide and conquer idea is not only for bad, yuckie, un-fun things to do like tasks but even fun ones!


Divide & Conquer

Tasks – divide and conquer – one at a time!

If you are a person that does not organize your tasks or keep a task list on a sheet of paper but rather keep stickies everywhere, different notes on different sheets of paper or in your head – you are helping to create a task overwhelm situation.  The constant stress of where is that note?  Did I remember everything? Are questions that interrupt your daily progress and keep a sense of doubt you got everything and unrest in your day.  It also allows for “fires” to pop up and attract your attention and move you from what tasks you should be working on at the time to what was placed in front of you. (barring a tragic emergency, you should stay focused to the tasks you are working on – trust me that “fire” will be there in a few hours)

Tasks, take one and just DO IT!

The best plan of action to completing “pesky dreaded” tasks is to choose one and DO IT – if your task like phone calls do not depend on who is called first, pick up the phone and return a call and cross it off your list as soon as you hang up – then move to the next one.  Stop procrastinating to get these kinds of tasks done and be realistic knowing you will have another pile of them next week – that is OK these tasks are the maintenance items that will always be there to maintain your business.

Organize your tasks for not only efficiency but for sanity!!!

What is the best way to track your tasks, to-do’s, projects?  We suggest using a tickler file – not something online but something that can be held, written in and the best part – CROSS OFF on it!  We show you how to set up and use one on a past post – here TICKLER.  If you are a person that struggles with structure and fight being plotted in what to do when I can offer you the assurance this is more of a way of YOU taking and being in control not something that is meant to be a “chain and ball”. Really!  If you are a person that is running around putting out fires and do what ever tasks you can find the stickie for you are not in control of your business day or business life.  I would urge you to put together a Tickler File for your tasks and projects and see organization come into play.

Here at Wealth And Abundance Today – we are here for YOU the business owners. Using everything I have learned running a successful Virtual Assistant company, VA-A-GoGo, about where business owners have the most stumbling blocks, slow down in getting things done and working with programs we want to offer our help to you.  If you would like us to review your “process” or “lack of one” and make a couple suggestions we welcome you to contact us for an hour consultation on gratis :o)  Contact us we are here for you.