Work It Wednesday, today is “hump day” we have one every week!  It is in the middle of the 5 days most people consider days to do work.  Whether you own your own small business or are a Network Marketer/Direct Seller – Monday through Friday are the best days to connect with others and do business…. today is your half way mark!  Focus today on your little “pesky” tasks – the ones that stack up easy and you oh that is only going to take a sec I will do it later and then you have a ton of them!  Do them today and get a lot crossed off your list – as you do this your momentum will pick up for the remainder of the week!  Keep your eyes focused on the personal reward you have set for yourself… and be ready for Finish It Friday!

You Mean I Have To Talk To People To Build My Business?

Yes you do!  You will find yourself talking to people you know and people you don’ t know, strangers.  Talking to people may not be what you love to do but it is a necessity to being successful!  You will need to talk to people about several topics and on several levels/platforms (face to face, meeting groups, social media, telephone, email, texting and so on!)

When you are talking, you will put on several hats and talk from that “position” at any given time. ie: The Expert in your field, The Marketer, The Customer Service Provider, The Upline/Trainer and even the Therapist at times.

Talking to people can be an art you nurture or a hindrance you carry.. you choose, for me I chose the former!

Some tips and suggestions for talking with people…

Communication is the key to successfully talking to anyone.  Communication requires you to share information:

a process by which information is exchanged between individuals through a common system of symbols, signs, or behavior <the function of pheromones in insect communication>; also: exchange of information

Great communication requires there is a complete understanding of what information is being shared!  Do you communicate or do you just talk?

4 Things about Communicating when talking…

  • Body Language is crucial – make sure you are making eye contact, responding in an acknowledging manner as your “partner in the conversation” is speaking, do not wave your hands too much or show nervousness.
  • Always have communication lines go both ways – be open to discuss or hear what others may be thinking or concerned about (maybe it is a business opportunity – hear what they are really saying before you reply)
  • Speak Clear and relay your message in a way so you are not speaking over your listener(s)
  • Stay on topic – if you are communicating (talking) about one idea, don’t bounce around and lose your listeners

Be a GREAT listener! When you are talking with people be the one that is doing LESS of the talking and more of the


Talking vs Listening, be the ear!

listening.  You want to connect with your potential clients/customers/prospects – really hear what they have to say and get to know them.  By doing this you will be able to provide better details that will fit their needs in making a decision to either do business with you or join your team.  Having a conversation with someone or talking with people does not have to mean your mouth is running the entire time – invest in them.

Never talk AT people always talk to and with them.  Direct your discussion in such a way you are coming from a place of knowledge and certainty in what you are saying but also from a place in your heart where you include them, smile at them and you are not preaching to them.

Talking to people on the internet through Social Media…

Talking to people through Social Media platforms is essential these days.  But the rules for talking and communicating are the same.  Be clear in what you say, which is harder through the written word than in person so be careful, and ask questions and get to know the person you are talking to and their needs.  Be sure any profile picture you have up are of you smiling because the person you are talking with is looking at that while reading your words and it puts a “happy” tone in your words as they are reading.

Talking to people through email…

This tends to be the hardest to make sure while you are “talking” you are relaying the right message in the right tone. Email is the easiest method of communication to be taken out of context in the “tone” and “manner” it was sent.  The person you are talking to does not always have an image of you to see your happy face, and if they do it is usually in the signature of your email at the bottom and they are reading at the top.  If you have to talk about an “issue” it is always better to do this over the phone or even better face to face it possible so people have the opportunity to read your body language or your tone of voice while you are talking.  Part of the reason Email can be and is taken wrong more so then Social Media Platforms – you are not limited to how much you can type or the formatting of your message so you can create a message that can sabotage your talking discussion.  Be careful!