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Network Marketing is a business with fabulous opportunity!

Every network marketing company has a product or service that is one of the best, this is true for the most part.  They do have great products and services compared to most you buy or use from the commercial stores.  This is great!  I would say they live by a different set of standards in their world of products and services since their company’s success is reliant on word of mouth and individuals creating “believers” out of the community.  When joining a network marketing company it is important that you are sure it is a fit for you – your beliefs, your goods/service standards and that it will fit into your life since you are suppose to be a product of the product/service and use it!

Every network marketing company has a compensation plan for the people who join their “team”. There are different compensation plans out there so be sure when you are researching what opportunity is best for you that the compensation plan also fits! Understand the payouts and the way they are calculated… you can read more on network marketing compensation plans here…

Direct Sales a type of Network Marketing…

Direct sales is a network marketing opportunity though some do not feel it is.  Direct sales is more in the “party plan” model of network marketing – the concept, compensation, and products/services are still in line with network marketing.  Direct Sales gives you another outlet to your income stream in the fact you can have “customers” and not just downline.

It is important that when you start or work in Network Marketing/Direct Sales you follow some “rules” and know what you should not do….

Here are 5 Things You Should Not Do In Network Marketing…

  • You Don’t Have To Know Everything About Your Network Marketing Business…. too many times people jump into a network marketing opportunity and feel they  have to know EVERYTHING before they go out and share their opportunity – WRONG – when you start out you are excited and energized, use that momentum to share your story or opportunity with others.  Count on your experienced successful upline to know more of the facts when it comes to need to talk more detailed with people.  You do not want to spend a ton of time learning every fact, figure or statistic about the company and product – this could not only take too much time away from actually recruiting but can also be intimidating to your potential recruit and can be come not something they feel they can duplicate – keep it simple and go out while you are excited!
  • Don’t use impersonal “hyped” mass emails to recruit or share your network marketing message/opportunity! Too many people are using email technology for the wrong reasons….  even though you can send a mass email to tons of people at once does not mean you should!  Sending out emails that are like “You don’t want to miss this ground breaking opportunity.  Sign up today while we are in the “basement” and you can make millions of dollars.  This is the first of its kind.  This opportunity has a compensation plan like no others!” and so on – you get the point.  You will turn people off from the start – mass emailing should be left for more personal messages (doing this via video email is best) – it should not be used to recruit or build your business but more to educate or just say HI how can I help!  If you are in the health side of network marketing share health tips your company shares with you – if you are in food side of network marketing share recopies your company shares with you – if you are in technology side of network marketing share tutorials or tips your company shares with you…. be a giver without expecting to get!
  • Don’t be so aggressive when sharing your network marketing opportunity.  You do need to be

    Don't Hold Court - Don't Be Aggressive

    confident when you share your opportunity but take the time to read the signs from your “prospect” – are they asking questions – be sure to answer them or at least promise to get them the answer if you do not have it.  Be sure in your conversation it is the right time to recruit them – like did you answer their questions so they can make an informed decision for themselves?  Be sure you are choosing people you want on your team – who will actually be building a business as opposed to someone who you will need to hold their hand every step of the way.  Are they motivated?  If you “convince or talk someone into joining” they are probably not the best downline for you.  SO don’t go out to sign anyone and everyone up – it could be your down fall.

The key is to not allow yourself to get frustrated.  Network Marketing and Direct Sales opportunities, while they are great opportunities, they are still a lot of work.  It is not different than any other job out there. You have to put in your time, sweat and even tears – but there is a great pay off.  Be sure to be connected with great trainers, even if they are not with your particular company, their message, know how tips, and stories can help you succeed!  IF you have picked the company that fits you right – stay with it – there will be valleys and up hill journeys but the view from the top is wonderful when you stick it out.  Giving up should not be in your vocabulary!  Find a mentor, an accountability partner and work it out – it is all achievable as long as you are willing to put in the hard work!