Monetize Monday today is the day we focus on bringing revenue into the business, don’t get me wrong you do bring revenue all week with the actions you take, but today we focus on getting the ball rolling and making sure we do the follow up, sent the proposals, and reached out to the people with outstanding invoices.  Start with revenue generating tasks on Monday so you have the entire week to do any further actions to complete steps to bring that revenue in.

Doing business today without a website is really not the best way to do business…

When doing business you need to make sure you have visibility everywhere your “people” are looking and where do they look for information?  THE INTERNET – we have created a new verb and it is “to Google” it.  If you don’t have a website even just one that shows your logo (branding), your pic (get personal), has a description of what you do and/or what your products are, and how they can contact & find you. (the cost for you $79 annually for hosting and $7.99 – $11.99 annually for your domain name)  That averages out to $7.25 per month for you to have visibility on the internet and a simple for usable and more important expandable website.  IF you don’t think you can do it or don’t want to do it I recommend,

You cannot afford NOT to have at least this much of a website.

Considering the above website being the absolute must for ANY website comprehensive or the minimal amount of info website…

3 Things your website must have for your readers…


Must Have Pieces to a Website

  • When providing “content”, a blog, instructions, or a story on your website – your messages should be clear and well written.  Be sure your message is being relayed in a way that your readers on your website can absorb what you are saying and it has relevance.
  • Simple navigation of your website.  Be sure your readers visiting your website can tell where they can find the information you are sharing on different pages.  If you “theme” your website ie: you are a tea house and you created a website with pages having cute names – the home page is “the lounge”, the contact page is “call us for tea”, your list of teas can be found on the page titled “the tea room” and so on OR you just get creative and use “cute page names” be sure to give an explanation on how and where to find what they are looking for – like “How To Use This Site” page of info on your side bar.  Creative websites are great just be sure your audience can find the info they were looking for.
  • A Call To Action on your website– you should be clear in what you intent or what you want your readers to do once they are on your website – do you want them to purchase products?  Then right from the beginning show them some promotions and tell them where they can go to find more.  Is it your intention to educate your readers about your business or certain topics when they visit your website? Then right from the beginning start with something that will draw them in and answer a question.  Without a clear call to action, your readers become visitors not participants help guide them to what you want them to do.

Don’t get missed out there in Internet Land – have a presence – have a website.  Don’t let your competition have the only word for your potential clients/customers/prospects to find and get business.

This is important for ANY business.

  • You can be a network marketer and you should have a website.  Talk about YOU, talk about achievements and accomplishment, share stories, and if the company you represent allows you to indicate that on your website and a link to join your team – get it up there!  Do interviews and post them.  Share pictures.  Just do not hype things out on your site you can lose a lot of credibility.
  • You can be a direct seller and you should have a website.  Talk about YOU, share about your family, talk about your achievements and accomplishments, share stories, share product information, share party or gathering information so people know how easy it is to host one with you… and if your company allows you to, indicate what company you are with on your website with a link for them to join your team.
  • You can be a small business/home based business owner and you should have a website.  Talk about YOU, share what your business is about, how are you different than others out there, talk about your products and services and be sure they know how they can reach you.

All of this should not be hard – if you are in business it is likely you talk about all of this stuff when you are prospecting, hosting a gathering, or networking – having a website is just the platform to write down everything you share verbally with people face to face.  It is your method to “networking” out in the cyber world.

Don’t let designing or setting one up stop you it is very easy AND can be very affordable if you don’t want to do it yourself.  I am friends with Bradly Will and his team at Free Blog Factory – they do a great job setting your website up for free and hosting it for 30 days for free – then it is only $9.95 per month along with some support from his team!  Give it a try for 30 days you cannot go wrong!

Feel free to contact us any time with questions – we love to help all business owners and are here for YOU & YOUR SUCCESS.