Tackle It Tuesday – today get down and tackle the task you have been avoiding for days/weeks.  This one might be figuring out a new program or tool.  Schedule time today to focus on just that and “tackle it”!  You will feel the weight lift off your shoulders when you finally do this – it is worth taking the time to get the relief.  If you do this early in the week it will energize you for the remainder of the week!

What is Digg?

Digg a Social Media Networking platform where you can share your blog and find other blogs (unique and main stream).  The topics are endless! Once you register you can find members to follow and you gain followers. Digg allows you to share blogs and stories you find interesting.  Digg also just released a “newsrooms” that is still in beta – Technology, Science, Politics, Entertainment, World News, Business – this makes it easier for you to focus in on stories that might interest you.

How do You use Digg?


Dig - Social Meida Networking

You can “Digg” a blog post or story and it is pushed to your followers as something you find interesting enough to share.  The goal is to get something on the “main page” or “top news” of Digg.  Top News is the section where everyone can see the posts there, these are the stories or posts that have the most votes or “diggs” at the moment and are popular.  This is part of the classic Digg before it made changes to keep up with Social Media trends.

My News is the section where you are fed information from topics that you listed interested you, Diggs people you are following share and the people you like.  This section is customized to your account.

How Do You Find Interesting Stuff on Digg?

Digg is put together by topics and will organize information into categorized groups.  You will find areas that interest you and you will find people sharing interesting content – you follow them…

Can I use Digg to push traffic to my blog?

On your blog site you should have a “Digg” button to allow readers to “digg” your posts.  This can be found in the Tools for Publisher’s section of the Digg platform OR you can use a plug in on your website like “Sexy Book Marks” (that is what I use at the bottom of this blog)

I at times will use my button on my site to push to Digg instead of just logging into Digg and sharing it that way – this benefits me by showing a counter for the amounts of times the article was sent to Digg and also saves me time from logging into another system.

You should NOT submit the same content more than once – Digg frowns on this – plus your “followers” will feel like you are spamming so be courteous.  Of course there can be similar stories from different sources, just stay clear of re-digging your articles/posts.

You want to focus on:

  • Submitting original content
  • Submitting well written content
  • Submitting items that help you stand out – great images, tutorials, technical advice/guidance
  • Submit items that create you as being a viable resource people should get to know and follow

Remember to Digg articles and posts from popular websites – this helps people get to know more about you by way of what you share.  Also, attracts followers. SO they all do not have to be your own works.  Becoming a valuable resource will gain you credibility in the Digg community and people will search out more about you and start to Digg your articles.

I feel Digg is a great source to build a reputation and to share your blog, it is not a place you will be driving tons of traffic to your website.  Your reputation and your contributions to the community is what will drive traffic to your site.  I think you should add Digg to your Social Media tools but use it properly and know WHY you are in that community.

Have fun and stay on top of trends, news stories and share  DIGG…