Tackle It “Tool” Tuesday –  You want today to be all about tackling a project or a task you dread…  Most people mastering or “corralling” their Social Media, Facebook interactions is a project they dread... finding the right tools to assist in this is today’s focus for me!

Don’t Let Facebook Status Updates Get The Best Of Your Time!

I have touched on it a bit in another post but I have found a tool that I highly recommend to any business owner LARGE, SMALL, INDEPENDENT, NETOWRKMARKTING you name it!  This tool is called Status Set Go!


Schedule Your Status and GO!

This wonderful Facebook tool has been brought to us from the networking guru, Casey Eberhart!  Finding a way to continually engage was a mission and Status Set Go is the tool that allows just that!  No more logging in several times a day to get your message out – you can preschedule it with this tool and now have time to cultivate those relationships that are so vital not only to YOU but to your business as well.

A Facebook Tool That Ties In Productivity!

From a productivity stand point, Status Set Go frees up time while sill allowing the presence on Facebook, and we all know Wealth And Abundance Today is ALL about productivity!

Facebook Time To Connect Not Just Update!

Facebook no longer has to be considered a time suck!  You can sit down and plan posts that are not only relevant but share vital information to your friends, followers and groups you belong to.  You can build your credibility on Facebook by being consistent! Once you have an idea of your Facebook mission – you can once or twice a week create several prescheduled posts and set them to go!  Once that is done – now your time of Facebook can be spent following up with those you have gotten to know, want to  know and who want to know you! What a win win win situtation!

Thumbs Up!

to Status Set Go from VA-a-GoGo and Wealth And Abundance Today for bringing connection time back to the  forefront!