Work It Wednesday… today is the day smack in the middle of the week – we have been driving up hill all week and we have almost reached the peak to begin our road back down to Friday!  Take today and do the little tasks, the ones that stack up easily and  we just keep putting off because they can be done so fast… like returning calls, mailing invoices, updating database and so on… use the momentum of checking/crossing things off to carry you to the top of the work climb!

Judith CassisToday we have a guest writer, a very dear friend of mine Judith Cassis.  Judith is a successful business owner and an inspiration to many of us!  She is a Success Coach and focuses on areas Personal Development in her events and trainings.  Helping others gain strength in areas of life/business they might be lacking in, educating groups on communication and other skills that assist in successful personal/professional relationships, and writing are her passions.  She produces events for the soul purpose of educating and helping small businesses, Judith is a blessing to the business world!

Judith as coined her title as “The Bounce Back Coach” and has written & published her first personal book, When Life Knocks You Down Get Up, Everything you need to know about Bouncing Back after Failure, Loss or Tragedy.

Keeping us in line and remembering there is an US outside of our business she has shared this very important message…


Where Does My Business End and I Begin?

Ah, yes … the age-old illustration of the symbiotic relationship between entrepreneurs and their businesses. I know it well.

I’ve been in business for myself for two and a half decades and over the years have experienced varying degrees of confusion over the boundaries between my business and me. Confusion? Why? I’m the one drawing the line in the sand, aren’t I?

Well, sort of. Entrepreneurs, business men and women, and self employed people all recognize to some extent the fuzzy borders that often separate us from our businesses.

There are those who are able to close the door on the home office at the end of a work day and leave their businesses behind until the next morning. Others, are not even sure when their business day begins or ends, let alone how to let their businesses rest while they do life. People who work outside of the home have it a little easier, although boundaries between business and home can blur there too.

So what do we do and why should we do it?

Even if we love what we do it’s important to take breaks from our businesses. Our emotional needs and responsibilities to our relationships are critical to living healthy, happy lives. Our bodies and minds require respite in order to recharge. Even a 15 minute break can help revitalize our resources. We’re more productive when we walk away from our businesses for a period and then step back into work.  If you don’t already break away from business from time to time, try it. You’ll see the difference.

The most important reason to find balance between our personal and


Finding balance is a must.

business roles is quality of life.

When we feel better, we’re happier. When we’re happier, it’s easier to think and be creative in business. Defining boundaries between business and pleasure allows us to express the fullness of life, and as we do our products and services reach their full potential. No matter how you define it, that has but one outcome … personal and business success.


Judith Cassis is an inspirational speaker, writer and process facilitator in the realm of personal development. Contact Judith or follow her blog,