Who Is Va-a-GoGo?

Christina Littrell-Williams

Christina Littrell-Williams has brought her 15+ years of Project Management experience and training from the highly demanding world of Animation Production to the world of Virtual Assistants! In February 2008, Christina launched VA-a-GoGo with three goals in mind, 1} to build a business that would allow her to be her own boss while being home with her children (Mariah 16 and Tucker 13), 2} to create a business that can help business owners stay on track for success and 3} have time to volunteer in her community!

While achieving much success her first year out she is now consulting with business owners on how to work with VA’s and VA teams to better their “relationship” and their “productivity”. This was an area she found lacking in education and support! What would bring business owners greater success then an awesome, well functioning, and happy team? She enjoys working hand in hand with businesses and VA’s to achieve this synergy!

Christina deems herself not only a VA Productivity Consultant but a Business Owner Productivity & Team Structure Consultant – she loves helping everyone out of “Admin Overwhelm”!

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